Facebook has confirmed close to 100 million of its users are fake. Are you safe?

isProfileReal Service Released to Protect Against the Dangers of Fake Facebook Profiles

Jan. 11, 2013 - According to the popular social media site, Facebook, more than 83 million of its user accounts are fake (almost 10% of all accounts). This number is rising and so are the murders and suicides associated with the abuse of this growing risk.

isProfileReal (isProfileReal.com) is a service which allows people to verify if a Facebook user profile is real by analyzing it against patterns of fake accounts and user interaction.

The results are based on publicaly available information and details available to the current user. Profiles may contain comments from other users and suggestions on how to proceed.

To learn more about isProfileReal, visit http://isProfileReal.com/about for more information.

About isProfileReal:
isProfileReal is a service to protect users of the popular social media site, Facebook, against sexual predators, cyber bullying, and social engineering scams by determining the probability of a profile being real. These fake (catfish) accounts sometimes result in the victim's suicide or homicide.


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